Management of the CAMPFIRE Programme

With so many different stakeholders and partner organisations, CAMPFIRE would not be able to function coherently without a centralised coordination body - and that service is provided by the CAMPFIRE Association, which represents all participating Rural District Councils and their communities. The CAMPFIRE Association identifies needs and coordinates external funding to the program on a country-wide basis, linking with other partner organisations who provide various CAMPFIRE services. This section provides a detailed overview of how CAMPFIRE works, outlining the overall organizational structure, and key stakeholders. 

Institutional Framework

The CAMPFIRE Movement is structured in two main parts: Programming is lead by the Association and involves the Government ministries of Environment (Parks and Wildlife Management Authority) and the Ministry of Local Government. Significant support is provided by facilitating agencies or service providers especially the World Wildlife Fund (WWF Zimbabwe Country Office), and other local NGOs.

Producer communities consist of households that are organised into Villages (about 100 households), and Wards (about 600 households), and these are represented by the Rural District Councils.

CAMPFIRE Stakeholders 

Producer Communities: These are the communities made up of households, which depend on, manage and live with the natural resources under their control. Decision making is facilitated through village/ward CAMPFIRE committee structures. Trusts have also been developed for the management of non-wildlife community enterprises and income generating projects.

Rural District Councils: Are responsible for the planning and administration of the district. They consist of elected representatives (councillors) who form the Council and an executive, which administers the decisions of the Council. Under current legislation, RDCs are also responsible for the management of all natural resources at local level. (Environmental Management Act [Chapter 20:27]).

The CAMPFIRE Association : Is a registered welfare organisation whose members are the RDCs whose communities are implementing CAMPFIRE. The CAMPFIRE Association leads and co-ordinates the roles of other supporting agencies including government departments and NGOs. Its objective is to support the ability of rural communities to participate in the economy through wise and sustainable use of natural resources.

Government Departments : Sustainable management of natural resources and protection of the environment is a statutory function of the Government of Zimbabwe. Ministries and government departments, such as the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources Management, the Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development, the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (formerly National Parks and Wildlife Management), the Environmental Management Agency (Formerly Department of Natural Resources) and the Forestry Commission continue to provide technical support and guidance for the development of CAMPFIRE.

Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs): Several NGOs have assisted with the development of CAMPFIRE over the last decade. Together with government departments, they have been known as “CAMPFIRE Service Providers”.    


Full Name

Physical Address

Postal Address

Africa Resources Trust

4 Allan Wilson Ave, HARARE

P O Box A860, Avondale, HARARE

Centre for Applied Social Studies (CASS)

5 Aberdeen Road, Avondale HARARE.

P O Box MP167, Mount Pleasant HARARE.

Forestry Commission

1 Orange Grove Drive, Highlands HARARE

P O Box HG139, Highlands, HARARE

Ministry of Local Government, Rural and Urban Development

Makombe Building Herbert Chitepo Ave. HARARE

P Bag CY7706, Causeway, HARARE


10 Lawson Ave, Milton Park HARARE

P O Box 398, Belvedere HARARE


10 Lanark Road, Belgravia, HARARE

P O Box CY1409, Causeway HARARE

Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (formerly DNPWLM)

Botanical Gardens HARARE

P O Box CY140 Causeway HARARE

Zimbabwe Trust

4 Lanark Road Belgravia HARARE

P O Box 4027 HARARE

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